Highly Qualified Professionals

Residencia para trabajadores altamente cualificados
The residency in Spain for highly qualified professionals is governed by specific regulations aimed at attracting talent and fostering the Spanish economy. Here is a summary of the key points you might consider when creating an internal page on this topic:

Recipients and General Requirements

  • It is intended for foreign professionals with job offers in Spain for managerial positions or activities that require a higher education qualification or, in exceptional cases, a minimum of three years of equivalent professional experience.
  • Applicants must be over 18 years old and have an identity document or passport, health insurance in Spain, a certificate of criminal record, and sufficient financial means.

Hiring and Benefits

To hire highly qualified professionals in Spain, companies must be large enterprises, part of business groups, SMEs in strategic sectors, or companies with projects of general interest. The authorization allows individuals to reside and work in Spain for three years, with the possibility of renewal. The national employment situation is not considered, making the process easier.

The job requirements stipulate that it must be highly qualified, with a minimum salary of €50,000 annually for managers and €40,000 for other categories. Professionals must possess a university degree, master’s, or doctorate, or alternatively, three years of work experience in the sector. Family members of the professional can also obtain a residence permit, either simultaneously with the main application or later. An additional benefit is that the authorization is valid throughout the national territory and facilitates joint processing for the spouse and children, standing out for its efficiency and centralization.

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