Spanish nationality by letter of naturalization

Nacionalidad española por carta de naturaleza
I offer expert guidance and legal representation in obtaining Spanish nationality through the letter of naturalization. This discretionary method, granted by the Spanish Government under special circumstances, provides a unique path to citizenship.

Delving into the Letter of Naturalization

Letter of naturalization is granted to individuals who, due to their cultural, scientific, economic, or social achievements, are recognized by the Spanish State. Unlike conventional routes of naturalization, this process requires a detailed legal and administrative approach.

Illustrative Examples

  • Ronaldinho: Renowned footballer who obtained Spanish nationality due to the state’s interest in his exceptional talent and contribution to the sport.
  • James Rhodes: A pianist naturalized as a Spanish citizen based on “artistic merits” and his “commitment against child abuse and violence.”
  • International Analogy: Just like in France, where President Macron granted French nationality to an undocumented African for heroic acts, Spain also acknowledges extraordinary actions.

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I am committed to providing a meticulous and personalized approach in each case. I understand the importance of this process in your life and am dedicated to maximizing your chances of success, supporting you every step of the way.

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