Non-Lucrative Residency

Residencia no lucrativa en España
In my office, I offer you a clear path to obtaining Non-Lucrative Residency in Spain. This type of residency is ideal for those who want to enjoy the rich culture and lifestyle of Spain without engaging in work or economic activities in the country. If you have sufficient financial means to live without working, this program may be the perfect option for you and your family.

What is non-lucrative residency?

Non-lucrative residency is a type of visa that allows me and other non-European citizens to reside in Spain without engaging in work activities. This permit is ideal for retirees, individuals with passive income, or those who can financially support themselves without the need for employment in Spain. It is an excellent option to enjoy the climate, culture, and quality of life that Spain offers while maintaining other economic interests abroad.

Requirements and Procedure

To qualify for this type of residency, it is essential to demonstrate financial solvency. This includes having sufficient funds in a Spanish bank account or regular income from sources such as pensions, investment returns, or properties. Additionally, comprehensive health insurance in Spain is required, and no criminal record is allowed. Our team will guide you in preparing and submitting all necessary documents, including the application, proof of financial means, and medical certificates, ensuring that your process is as smooth and stress-free as possible.

Advantages of Non-Lucrative Residency

Opting for non-lucrative residency offers numerous benefits. Not only does it allow me to live legally in Spain, but it also grants me the freedom to travel within the Schengen Area. It’s an opportunity to integrate into Spanish society, learn the language, and enjoy the cultural diversity of the country. Furthermore, this type of residency can be a first step towards permanent residency and eventually, Spanish citizenship.

My commitment at Jesús Castro Robredo Abogados

At Jesús Castro Robredo Abogados, I understand that every client has a unique story and needs. My commitment is to provide you with personalized service, focused on your specific goals. From the initial consultation to obtaining my non-lucrative residency, I support you every step of the way, ensuring that you understand every aspect of the process and make informed decisions.

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