Spanish Nationality: Concept, Rights, and Obligations

Nacionalidad Española
Certainly, here is the text with the HTML tags respected: Spanish nationality, a phenomenon deeply rooted in the history of immigration and the development of modern society, represents much more than just a legal status. This concept, which implies a legal bond between an individual and the Spanish State, is essential to understanding who is considered a legitimate citizen and subject to rights and obligations within its borders. Nationality not only assigns citizenship based on place of birth, parental nationality, or naturalization but also reflects the autonomy and sovereignty of the State in determining its inhabitants.

Duties and obligations

Spanish citizenship, beyond being a right, entails a set of duties and privileges. Citizens have the right to participate in political life, access employment, social security, and receive healthcare. However, it also involves obligations such as paying taxes and defending the nation. It is important to note that the acquisition of Spanish citizenship is not solely based on jus soli (right of soil) but is primarily reserved for those born to Spanish citizens or those whose legal presence and activity in Spain allow them to establish this link with the State.

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