Spanish nationality by residence

Nacionalidad española por residencia
Comparison of nationalities before the ILLUSTROUS BAR ASSOCIATION OF SANTA CRUZ DE TENERIFE.
Spanish nationality by residence is a crucial pathway for those who have lived and contributed to Spanish society. It is especially popular among foreigners who have chosen to settle in Spain. This path provides the opportunity to obtain Spanish citizenship through a series of specific conditions and requirements.

General Situation

For many foreigners, primarily from Latin American countries, who have continuously resided in Spain and meet the legal requirements, the general situation is the most common pathway to obtain Spanish nationality. This process involves demonstrating legal and continuous residence in Spain for a specified period of time.

Nationality by marriage to a Spanish citizen.

Those who are married to a Spanish citizen can opt for Spanish nationality by residence more quickly. This pathway is based on the marital bond and typically shortens the required residence period.

Being born on Spanish territory

If you were born on Spanish territory, you may be eligible for Spanish nationality by residence. This recognizes your direct connection to Spain due to your place of birth in the country.

Having been under the guardianship of a Spanish national

Another important pathway to obtain Spanish nationality by residence is having been under the legal guardianship of a Spanish citizen for a specified period. This reflects the significance of family and caregiving relationships in the process.

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